Retaining Walls

Whether you’re building a wall for form or function, it all starts with the proper base. Laying the proper groundwork ensures that the structure will look good and perform well for many years to come. This also entails managing water which is the number one cause of wall failure. Walls can be used for many purposes as in seating walls around an entry way, courtyard, or fire pit, or as a structural wall to hold up a parking area or level a yard out to create useable flat lawn space out of what once was a steep hill. We can also incorporate columns and use lighting to make a dramatic effect on your landscape. Retaining walls can be built using a masonry block and veneer with a stone cap or we can use any number of segmented retaining wall blocks that come in all shapes and sizes to match your personal style and homes color scheme. Whatever the job, call us today to get your wall project started!