Sod And Seed

Sod and plantings can be the answer to the problematic lawn in your life or bring a yard that’s near completion to its full potential. In many cases we can remove the existing turf full of roots, rocks, and weeds, level and prep the area, and install sod in the same or next day. With specialized equipment and old fashioned hard work we can transform even the worst yard into an immaculate manicured lawn that will be the talk of the town and thrive for years. We have done sod for surprise presents while a loved one is away, repaired a lawn damaged by a septic company the weekend before a large party, and many other circumstances. Plants can add beautiful color and height to any landscape and add a nice living element and privacy year round. We can also address any of your sprinkler and irrigation needs. Installing new systems or renovating and updating existing, we handle it. Finish it all off with an all natural much for weed deterrent. Call us today to get the greener grass on your side!